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Tapis roulant incurvé pliant magnétique Essential

Tapis roulant incurvé pliant magnétique Essential
Tapis roulant incurvé pliant magnétique Essential
Tapis roulant incurvé pliant magnétique Essential
Tapis roulant incurvé pliant magnétique Essential
Tapis roulant incurvé pliant magnétique Essential
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  • Poids
    28 kg
  • Matières
  • Couleur
  • Style
  • Quantité par pack
    1 produits
  • Longueur
    95 cm
  • Largeur
    38 cm
  • Hauteur
    103 cm
  • Réf. ManoMano
  • Réf. fabricant

Designed for those who love to run or walk and want to build a small gym at home without taking up too much space, with the Leonardo Essential curved folding magnetic treadmill you can practice healthy cardio-fitness comfortably at home and stay in shape all the way through. year, regardless of weather conditions and seasons.

Essential is a formidable magnetic treadmill with a compact and space-saving design that does not consume any electricity and allows you to walk or run in a completely natural way as if you were outdoors, but in the comfort of home. Not being powered by electricity, the Essential magnetic treadmill is very well suited for physical activities such as light running or walking uphill, all excellent exercises for toning and slimming the body as well as within everyone's reach, even for those who are advanced. with age. Unlike a traditional electric treadmill, the sliding of the roller under your feet, and consequently the adjustment of the speed, is determined by the thrust that you yourself will go to exercise with your legs: in fact, the carpet will only move when you start walking on it. or run on it, and your legs will be the only force that will make the tape slide forward, with the possibility of switching in an instant from a more intense type of training to a lighter one and without ever disturbing roommates or condominiums thanks to the surface quiet and comfortable. The curved shape of the mat will not only stimulate more muscle groups, but will allow you to run in a more ergonomically correct manner than a powered treadmill, thus burning more calories. The absence of the motor means that the magnetic treadmill is also much lighter and more manageable so that you can easily move it from one room to another also helped by the wheels under the platform, and once the session is over. training, thanks to the practical folding system, store it in confined spaces occupying only 22 centimeters in depth. Through the mini computer you can keep under control the parameters related to speed, time elapsed, distance, calories burned and view them clearly on the LCD screen.

With the Essential Foldable Curved Magnetic Treadmill you can strengthen your cardiovascular system comfortably at home and run at your own pace and frequency!

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Technical features:

  • Dimensions when open: 55x97.3x103 cm (width, length, height)
  • Closed dimensions: 60x105x22 cm
  • Walking area: 38x95 cm (width, length)
  • Non-motorized magnetic treadmill for longer duration
  • No power supply required
  • Self-adjusting speed according to your own stroke rate thanks to the magnetic resistance
  • Fixed platform without non-adjustable inclination
  • Smooth running surface, silent and safe even in the most intense sprints
  • Ergonomic handlebar for greater safety and support while running
  • Running mat equipped with shock absorbing pads for a pleasant, safe and friction-free workout
  • Curved tape for greater involvement of the muscles of the whole body
  • Console with display to display time, distance, speed, calories
  • Small footprint thanks to the resealable system
  • Lock to fold it and store it vertically in complete safety
  • Easy transport thanks to the 2 wheels and rear handles
  • Adjustable feet to balance the unevenness of the floor
  • Suitable for walking, light running, trekking and sprint and high intensity intervals (HIIT)
  • Ideal for burning calories and improving cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory skills
  • Max capacity: 100 kg


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